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Education Bills Front and Center

May 1, 2015

Being less than two years removed from major education reforms and on the eve of a decision on the school finance court case hasn’t slowed the emergence of legislation related to our public schools. As they do every session, several voucher bills have been filed, and due to the removal of the Senate’s 2/3rds rule, Senate Bill 4 was able to make it to the Senate floor. With the advice of constituents- parents, teachers, administrators, and even a few students, Senator Uresti voted against SB 4. SB 4 passed the Senate, but should face stiff opposition in the House.

“When making decisions on education bills, I do so based on the best interests of my school districts, teachers, and most importantly the 308,251 children who attend school in District 19. Fortunately, the parents and teachers in District 19 are an active bunch, and I can always count on them for insight.” said Uresti.

“We have increased funding for our schools starting last session, but we can do even better. While I prefer to get to work now, I look forward to the school finance ruling and the accompanying mandate to work with my colleagues to improve our system of funding schools, and improving equity in the system.“ said Uresti.